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  Zombie Plague Mod 4.06

{ Logo submitted by Mr.Apple. Thank you! }


Zombie Plague is a Counter-Strike server modification, developed as an AMX Mod X plugin, which turns the game into a Humans vs Zombies struggle. It is based on the original infection mod, but it takes the concept to a new level by introducing:
  • New Gameplay Modes: Nemesis, Survivor, Multi Infection, Swarm, Plague
  • Zombie Classes System: allows addding unlimited custom zombie classes
  • Ammo Packs: awarded to skilled players, can be used to purchase goods
  • Extra Items System: allows adding unlimited custom items to buy
  • Custom Grenades: Fire, Frost, Flare, and Infection Bomb
  • Deathmatch Mode: players may respawn as zombies, humans, or randomly
  • Admin commands: can be performed through an easy ingame menu
  • Special GFX Effects: from the HL Engine
  • Customizable Models and Sounds
It brings many customization through CVARS as well:
  • Change nightvision/flashlight colors and size
  • Adjust in-game light level (lightnings available for the dark settings)
  • Set zombies/humans health, speed, gravity, ammo pack rewards, and more
  • Enable unlimited ammo or knockback for weapons
  • Enable random spawning (CSDM-spawns friendly)
  • Separately enable and customize the new gameplay modes to your liking

This project started back on December 2007, when the free infection mods around were quite buggy. I wanted to make one on my own, but with little to no experience at AMXX scripting, I had to start from the very scratch.

Not after spending over a week looking at many plugins (mainly Zombie Swarm) and scarce tutorials, I somehow managed to have all the basic stuff working quite well (even though the code was really messy). The following months were spent polishing things up and trying to fulfill new original ideas, most of them quite worth the hard work.

In the meantime, I had the chance to try the plugin out on a 32 man server. This meant a huge progress on development, and after lots of testing and bug fixing, the mod turned out to be more than the simple infection plugin I had originally planned it to be.

The project has come a long way since, and I'm glad to say I'm finally making it freely available. All I'm asking in return is to keep my name in the plugin.


Media Requirements
  • Mods: Counter-Strike 1.6 or Condition-Zero
  • AMXX: Version 1.8.0 or higher
  • Modules: FakeMeta, HamSandwich
  • Download and extract the contents from the .zip files to your server's mod directory (cstrike or czero) and make sure to keep folder structure
  • Contains the plugin itself and configuration files
  • Contains default models and sounds (only required for the first download)
  • For further information on the plugin, including cvars and commands, take a look at the included ReadMe.txt file
  • AMXX Dev Team: for all the hard work which made this possible
  • Imperio LNJ Community: for providing the first server where I could really test the plugin and for everyone's support
  • Mini_Midget: for his Zombie Swarm plugin which I used for reference on earliest stages of development
  • Avalanche: for the random spawning code I got from GunGame and the original Frostnades concept that I ported in here
  • cheap_suit: for some modelchange and knockback codes that I got from Biohazard
  • Simon Logic: for the Pain Shock Free feature
  • KRoT@L: for some code from Follow the Wounded, used to make the zombie bleeding feature
  • VEN: for Fakemeta Utilities and some useful stocks
  • RaaPuar and Goltark: for the custom grenade models
  • Orangutanz: for finding the precached modelindex offset
  • ML Translations: DKs/nunoabc/DarkMarcos (bp), JahMan/KWo (pl), DA (de), hleV (lt), darkbad945 (bg), DoPe^ (da), k1nny (fr), shadoww_ro/tuty (ro), NeWbiE' (cz), lOlIl/Seehank (sk), Bridgestone (sv)
  • Everyone who enjoys killing zombies!

See also

Note: Some of these addons might adversely affect or even ruin the actual mod gameplay, depending on your server setup. Make sure to pick accordingly.

To Version: 4.06 ( Sep 09, 2008 )
  • Added CVAR to control the damage done by Nemesis per hit: zp_nem_damage (250 by default)
  • Buying an already owned grenade through the extra items menu will now actually increase the grenade count, rather than waste ammo packs
  • Ambience sounds are now correctly played for every mode even when using lengthy songs and should no longer affect other sound events when looping
  • Unstuck feature now goes along with the random spawn cvar
  • When buying additional ammo the correct HUD icons are now displayed (i.e. 9mm, 50ae, etc)
  • Replaced the fake bombsite to force round ending with a fake hostage, thus getting rid of an expensive bomb removal code
  • Made some additional code optimizations to reduce CPU usage and such
To Version: 4.05 ( Sep 01, 2008 )
  • Added CVAR to set humans/spectators custom nightvision color
  • Added CVAR to enable respawning players who commited suicide (this may be abused, mind you)
  • Added natives to force players to turn into zombies/humans (infection rounds only)
  • Added customization for zombie knife hit/stab sounds
  • Added customization for human knife model (just because changing it with 3rd party plugins wouldn't work properly)
  • Players are now forced "cl_minmodels 0" when they join so that they can see zombies correctly
  • Ambience sounds from the previous round are now stopped when a new one begins
  • Corrected a bit the help MOTD (wasn't updated since 3.6 ;P)
  • Fixed incorrect weapon models showing up when turning into a survivor with a grenade on hand
  • Fixed an exploit with the custom flashlight that allowed for unlimited batteries
  • Fixed possible bugs when players switched to Spectator using the ZP menu
  • Fixed round end event getting called twice sometimes when restarting the game
  • Fixed first spawn not being detected for the first CZ bot that is created
  • Minor fixes and optimizations...
  • 4.05b: Fixed custom human knife model not being precached
  • 4.05c: Fixed a stupid typo in the nightvision code which caused a crash on clients
To Version: 4.04 ( Aug 25, 2008 )
  • Added custom leap system (allows changing force, height, and cooldown)
  • Added CVAR to remove dropped weapons from the floor
  • Added CVAR to set custom hitzones for zombies
  • Added CVAR to disable custom admin models
  • Ambience sounds now support different sounds for each game mode
  • Optimized bandwidth usage for temp entity messages
  • Fixed blood coming out of players even when the attack was blocked
To Version: 4.03 ( Aug 20, 2008 )
  • Added CVAR to set the infection ratio in Plague Mode
  • Added CVAR to prevent players from killing themselves
  • Added CVAR to set a max distance for knockback
  • Fixed flares occasionally going off as smoke grenades when using Nade Modes
  • Fixed a bug in Plague Mode regarding Survivor/Nemesis not turning completely into a zombie/human when chosen to keep the round going after the last player on the opposite team leaves
  • Fixed money sometimes still displaying on HUD when the money remove setting is enabled
  • Cleaned up the code a bit
To Version: 4.02 ( Aug 16, 2008 )
  • Custom grenades are now compatible with Nade Modes
  • Ambience sounds now stop playing when the map ends (by request)
  • Added CVAR to turn silent footsteps for zombies on/off
  • Fixed knockback not being affected by zombie class multipliers
  • Fixed custom knife model not showing up when zombies are forced to use the knife
  • Additional minor fixes
To Version: 4.01 ( Aug 14, 2008 )
  • Added support for admin zombie models
  • Added cvar for humans not to get infected if they have armor
  • Added customizaton for zombie knife miss sounds
  • Added chat command /unstuck (by request)
  • Minor fixes on menu codes
  • DEBUG: Added define to enable/disable setting the modelindex offset
To Version: 4.00 ( Aug 09, 2008 )
  • Added new gameplay mode: Plague Mode
  • Redid buy menu system, added feature to remember weapons choice
  • Redid zombie classes system, added support for external additions (e.g. new classes)
  • Redid extra items system, added support for external additions (e.g. custom items)
  • Survivor can now have its own model
  • Added cvars to set how many frags players get for infections/kills
  • Added additional ML translations
  • Upgraded model changing method (might help reduce SVC_BAD)
  • Fixed round win sounds not being precached
  • Fixed players being able to move before freezetime end
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